3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering solutions


3D Scanning specialists

SCAN HD provide a bespoke and tailored 3D scanning service to many industries including aerospace, motorsport, marine, manufacturing, heritage and restoration, arts, product design and bespoke interior.

Our hand-held 3D scanner is ideal for any items up to the size of a car and suitable for most engineering requirements. We also have a long range scanner that is capable of accurately scanning areas up to 350 metres across. This enables internal and external scanning of whole buildings, harbours, rigs, bridges, natural environments and more.

Our highly portable 3D scanning equipment means we can acquire data from anywhere in any environment, enabling us to provide services to your every need. We understand that accuracy is vital and so with an accuracy of 30 microns, and capture rate of 250,000 points per second, we make sure nothing is missed!

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What SCAN HD can do for you:

3D Laser Scanning

  • 3D scanning converts physical objects into digital models and enables us to capture any object’s precise shape and geometry.
  • We use cutting edge laser scanning technology to digitise your part with industry leading accuracy.
  • Our portable equipment means we can acquire data quickly and accurately from almost anywhere, in any environment.

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Reverse Engineering

  • Using the digital model to get back to the original design intent.
  • We can save you time and money recreating CAD data from existing objects.
  • Our team can provide useful design data to develop your project, drawing on 15 years of mechanical design and manufacturing engineering.

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Manufacturing Support

  • Our team create engineering data to support your manufacturing operation through to completion.
  • We can design tooling to assist your manufacturing processes.
  • We provide ongoing personal support to ensure your manufacturing project is a success.

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Scan to CAD

  • Bridging the gap between scan and useful CAD data.
  • Our team have experience on multiple platforms of CAD modelling and surface design.
  • Our processes ensure that the connection between scan and CAD is as seamless as possible maintaining detail and accuracy.

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3D Printing

  • Additive manufacturing techniques to benefit your project.
  • We are able to print accurate physical objects from any digital design.
  • Our team can see your project through from initial digitisation or reverse engineering, right through to the creation of 3D printed prototypes.

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3D scanning an object to CAD

Highly portable, highly accurate

3D scan to CAD

Reverse engineer any part

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