Using industry-leading laser scanning technology to digitise your part


3D laser scanning

…is a fast, efficient process used to collect 3D point cloud data for the creation of three-dimensional models.

Using specialist software, the 3D data can be then quickly processed into a triangle mesh or STL file.

3D laser scanning offers a precise and cost-effective way to digitise physical prototypes, capturing the shape and dimensions of an object.

The resulting data can be used in design, inspection and visualisation processes throughout manufacture, quality inspection and prototype testing.

At SCAN HD we can provide your bespoke 3D scanning solution and create high quality 3D CAD models that offer meticulously designed models for diverse projects.

 Scan objects with an accuracy of 30 microns (3/100ths of a millimetre).

 Scanning process collects 250,000 data points per second.

 Captures the finest detail even on shiny surfaces.

 Provides the data to replicate / redesign / scale / reverse engineer any object.

We use cutting edge, industry leading Creaform 3D laser scanning technology which has a metrology grade accuracy of up to 30 microns and can capture data at a rate of 250,000 points per second.

Our equipment allows us to manage, interpret and edit data during the scanning process enabling us to scan more efficiently without huge processing times.

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