Additive manufacturing techniques to benefit your project


3D Printing

With recent developments in 3D Printing and additive manufacturing technologies SCAN HD have been keen users of the technology. We can offer design advice, material choices and manufacturing guidance to bring your ideas to reality.

Common uses of the technology include prototyping, scale models, jigs and fixtures, pattern tooling and many others. 

Using our Ultimaker S5 3D printer we are able to print accurate physical objects from any digital design

We use industry-leading technology to turn your digital designs into physical products, rigorous quality control standards ensuring precise results every single time. As experts in 3D laser scanning, we can see your project through from initial digitisation or reverse engineering, right through to the creation of 3D printed prototypes.

Laser scanning for your print requirements is a cutting-edge yet cost-effective solution. Prototypes of varying sizes can be recreated from CAD models using the 3D printing process and with no tooling or practical intervention required.

It could be the most cost-effective and practical solution to your manufacturing needs. We can build your parts quickly and to the highest quality.

SCAN HD’s in-house 3D printers can print in all the usual, available polymers such as PC, PLA, ABS, Nylon, etc. Our large format dual nozzle printers allow for the use of two materials at a time, this includes soluble support material for intricate fragile designs.

3D printing Brighton Scan HD
3D printing Brighton Scan HD

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