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About us

SCAN HD aims to bring you high accuracy 3D scanning and reverse engineering services at an affordable price. Our team brings many years of experience from multiple sectors across the engineering world. We aim to offer a unique service to every client that focuses on your requirements, time scale and budget.

SCAN HD is uniquely placed within the engineering services marketplace to bring you class leading cutting edge technologies.

Our systems and processes will guarantee a successful outcome to your project. We offer no-obligation advice and consultancy over the phone and in person.

We understand that 3D laser scanning is not something that is required all the time by all, and so the setup and training cost commonly puts this technology out of reach of most. SCAN HD was set up by in 2018 to address this gap in the market and make high accuracy laser scanning accessible to anybody at a reasonable cost without investing hundreds of thousands in technology.

With design engineering and project management experience in multiple sectors including aerospace, motorsport, defence and marine, SCAN HD have a broad background and understanding of engineering technologies and manufacturing methods. Drawing on this experience will be key to delivering high quality solutions for your project.

SCAN HD are happy to talk through your project so why not get in touch.