Creating engineering data to support your manufacturing operation


Manufacturing Support

SCAN HD have a history of manufacturing engineering and general mechanical design engineering, as well as additive manufacturing, sand casting, sheet metal and machining.

We provide ongoing personal support to ensure your manufacturing project is a success. Some of the areas we can support with are listed below.

Reverse engineering 3D scanning manufacture cast

3D data

Reverse engineering 3D scanning manufacture cast

3D print test

Reverse engineering 3D scanning manufacture cast

First mould

CAD design

SCAN HD have experience using some of the top 3D design packages including Catia V5, Siemens NX, Solidworks and Inventor. Design and development projects often start with a 3D model developing your design through the use of project lifecycle management and design review.

SCAN HD can develop complex parts and assemblies using 3D modelling techniques, surfacing as well as advanced techniques such as topology optimisation.

Engineering Drawings

Once a design has been developed, engineering drawings can be produced to convey the ideas of the designer into a drawing pack that can be used in manufacture to reproduce the part or assembly to specification. This can include component detail drawings, assembly drawings, weld details, bill of materials etc.

Route to Manufacture

During the development of a product it is not always clear from the outset what the best route to manufacture is. SCAN HD have many years’ experience in comparing and selecting suitable manufacturing methods to suit specific time scales, budgets and production quantity.


After your product has been developed and manufactured you may wish to validate your design by using 3D scanning to inspect and compare the physical part to the theoretically perfect CAD model. This process can be especially useful to check for manufacturing defects, tolerances or mistakes.

Product Development

SCAN HD can work with you to aid the development of your project in a cost effective and timely manner. We can support you with design reviews, systems engineering, system layouts (including electrical and hydraulic), product lifecycle management and prototyping.

3D printing laser scanning lamp render SCAN HD

SCAN HD are happy to talk through your project so why not get in touch.