Getting back to the original design intent


Reverse engineering

There are many ways in which reverse engineering and 3D laser scanning can help your business. It’s the most efficient way to create a CAD model from a physical object of any kind and caters for a whole range of applications suitable for countless industries.

3D scanning to reverse engineer an object is infinitely easier and more accurate than the use of traditional measurement methods such as calipers, something clients in high-risk industries such as aerospace, automotive, military and medical areas place huge importance on.

Reverse engineering

3D laser scanning technology creates highly-accurate point cloud data. From this we can generate a CAD model of any physical object.

Our reverse engineering services are ideal for:

 Streamlining the path to manufacturing process

 Capturing complex geometry and freeform objects

 Reproducing parametric models to the original design intent

 Creating updated CAD models of legacy parts and tooling

 Redesigning parts with manufacturing defects eliminated

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